Basic Application Step-by-Step

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Basic Degree Application

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Master of Arts in Christian Education (M.A.C.E.)

Master of Divinity/ Master of Arts in Christian Education (M.Div./M.A.C.E)

We recommend you complete an online application for admission. The application for 2017-2018 will be available Septemeber 1. Frequently asked questions about the online application system can be found here.

Or, you may download, print, and fill out the Application for Admission. International students should also visit the International Applicants page to learn about additional requirements.

You need three people to provide a written recommendation for you. These three references need to be non-family. One should be a pastor or church educator, and one should be a professor or someone knowledgeable regarding your academic ability. Online, enter the contact information into the application form; your references will be emailed and instructed how to proceed. Or, via paper, print out three Personal Evaluation Forms, complete the top section, and send a form to each of your references.

Transcripts of all academic work beyond high school, whether or not a degree was conferred, are required. Request sealed transcripts to be sent directly from the institution and mailed to our Admissions Office. An official transcript may also be forwarded to us unopened. If available, eScripts may be sent to

• INTERNATIONAL M.A.C.E. APPLICANTS ONLY Obtain a letter from a denominational official indicating endorsement of their studies in the U.S. 

A background check is required of all applicants who are US Citizens, Resident Aliens, and International Applicants who have lived in the US for more than two years.  The Admissions Committee recognizes that personal integrity, emotional health, and spiritual maturity are essential to faithful and effective ministry. Yet we affirm that even serious misdeeds have sometimes been a part of an experience of growth, transformation, and call, by the work of God's Spirit that leads a person to seminary, and to faithful ministry. We also realize that people come to the attention of criminal justice systems for a variety of reasons-including not only the commission of crimes but also mistaken allegations, acts of civil disobedience, and systemic injustices such as racism. No charge or past offense automatically disqualifies an applicant from admission. All records will be evaluated in context, and prior to an admission decision.

The background check consists of two parts:

1. Applicants should download a Personal Disclosure Statement, disclose any information that may be found by the legal background check, sign the form, and mail it to the Director of Admissions at the address given.

2. Go to the CastleBranch website, enter "ua37" into the Package Code field, and then click go. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use, then click continue to proceed.

Presbyterian Church (USA) students need only complete the background check once. All PC(USA) seminaries can share. Your application file is not complete until the Personal Disclosure Statement and the results of the background check have been received at Union Presbyterian Seminary.

Interviews with both a member of the faculty, and a member of admissions, are required. There are three ways in which you may interview: in person on either campus, by Skype, or by phone. Please contact Tanya Wineland, Admissions Assistant, at 804.278.4221 or by email at to arrange your interviews.

Charlotte applicants should contact Lisa McLennan, Associate Director of Admissions, at 980.636.1662 or by email at to arrange your interviews.

The application fees may be paid by credit card when you are ready to submit the completed online application. Or mail us a check or money order with your completed paper application.

Richmond Application Fees      Charlotte and ECP Application Fees
January 1 - no application fee         Deadlines vary - $65 application fee
February 1 - $45 application fee
After March 1 - $75 application fee

Press the submit button on the online application. Or, mail the paper application and all supporting documents to Union Presbyterian Seminary, Office of Admissions, 3401 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227. Put all materials to the attention of the Admissions Office.

Application Reminders

  • Even if you are applying using the online application, you may need to print out additional forms, fill them out by hand, and mail them.
  • If you are mailing the paper application form, don't forget to include the application fee with your application form.
  • To download our PDF forms you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • For help or information, email or call Admissions Assistant Tanya Wineland at or 804.278.4221.