Hybrid Course Information

In the Fall of 2011, UPSem initiated a three-year pilot program for MDiv courses using a hybrid format.  Hybrid in this context means a combination of asynchronous distance learning using Blackboard or some other technology, combined with two visits to campus of two to three days each.  Attendance at all classes during these campus days is required.  These courses will count toward current UPSem degree programs, but at this time a full MDiv degree is not being offered through the hybrid format.  The MACE degree continues to be offered in the hybrid format through the Extended Campus Program.

The beginning and ending dates of these courses will follow the calendar that governs the Richmond residential or Charlotte campus program, depending on where the on-campus instruction is given for the hybrid course. 

Current UPSem students are eligible to take hybrid courses, but they will not be allowed to register for a hybrid-format course that conflicts with a Richmond residential, Charlotte, or ECP course they also intend to take, in accordance with UPSem's current registration and attendance policies. Auditors are not allowed in hybrid-format courses.  To enable more Richmond and Charlotte students to take these courses, they will be offered on the following schedule, which may be adapted slightly depending on the number of days involved: Wed/Thurs a.m./Fri a.m. (to lessen conflicts with the Charlotte schedule) and Thurs p.m. /Fri p.m./Sat (to lessen conflicts with the Richmond residential schedule). Students may take two hybrid-format courses in the pilot program at the same time, should they wish to do so and if they can work out a schedule that avoids conflicts with other courses for which they are also registering.

Technology Requirement