Educational Effectiveness

Union Presbyterian Seminary: Statement on Educational Effectiveness


Placement data for professional degree students in the graduating class of 2011-2013:
  MACE Congregational ministries: 47%
    Other ministry placements (e.g., chaplaincy): 15%
    Further study: 20%
    Seeking: 0%
    Other (includes parenting and secular work): 18%
  MDiv Congregational ministries: 55%
    Other ministry placements: 23%
    Further study: 11%
    Seeking: 3%
    Other: 9%
  Dual degree graduates (MACE/MDiv; MACE/MSW)
    Congregational ministries: 57%
    Other ministry placements: 36%
    Further study: 0%
    Seeking: 0%
    Other: 7%
Graduation Rates: average time to graduation (2008-2014 graduating classes):
  MACE in Richmond residential program: 2.44 years
  MACE in Charlotte program: 4.29 years
  MACE in Extended Campus program: 6.06
  MDiv in Richmond residential program: 3.46 years
  MDiv in Charlotte program: 5.77 years
  Dual degree (MACE/MDiv) in Richmond residential program: 4.28 years
  Dual degree (MACE/MDiv) in Charlotte program: 6.2 years
  Th.M. degree (Richmond only): 1.00 years
  Ph.D. degree (Richmond only): 7.68 years
Retention rates for 2009-2013:
  Richmond residential:  84%
  Charlotte campus:  94%
  Extended campus program: 93%
  Total retention rates for degree-seeking students in all three platforms: 87%
Updated August 2014